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Your Community Garden Resource

Nestled in the Redwood Valley, Mendocino Greenhouse & Garden Supply is a community staple, providing the highest-quality products to meet customers’ diverse needs and empowering them to grow thriving gardens in Mendocino County and beyond.

Founded in March of 2005, Mendocino Greenhouse & Garden Supply has adopted a ‘family’ environment, featuring a dynamic and cohesive team that embraces shared values of knowledge, integrity and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The idea for a full-service garden center and grow shop was driven by community demand. At the time, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, options for growers were limited. Garden supply shops were limited, and hydroponics and organic gardening supplies geared toward cannabis growers were even scarcer.


Built From the Ground Up

A fire had ravished the complex at East School Way, so Mendocino Garden & Greenhouse Supply was literally built from the ground up. The dirt lot soon became home to a  garden center with a modest selection. With advice from its sister stores in Eureka (North Coast Hydroponics) and San Diego (Hydroponics & Organics), the Mendocino County shop soon offered a rockwool section and hydroponic supplies, including coco coir, hydroton and nutrients. Bags of soil filled less than an aisle. By comparison, four warehouses are used today to store soil inventory.

We proudly carry House & Garden nutrients

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First-Hand Experience to Fellow Gardeners

As time passed, Mendocino Garden & Greenhouse Supply grew with the community, adding assorted products that customers requested. The MGGS team has first-hand experience with a range of garden supplies and nutrients, and offers personal accounts of the results. This knowledge has enabled the team to establish relationships with local residents and build a business with strong community ties.

Customers who enter the store puzzled or in a panic from mites or mysterious plant activity can discuss their issue with the well-versed staff, and leave with newfound confidence and a mitigation plan. The company’s founding principle of education is what sets Mendocino Garden & Greenhouse Supply apart from other grow stores that have since entered the local market.

As more cannabis farms become compliant with state regulations and the movement toward sun-grown farming prevails, Mendocino Garden & Greenhouse Supply has become a one-stop shop for growers. The company offers cloning supplies, pots, bulk soil delivery, testing supplies, a range of nutrients and amendments, pest control options, solutions for powdery mildew, and much more.

Giving Back to the Community

For the past decade, the garden supply shop has been dedicated to making a positive impact on the community that has enabled its success. Mendocino Garden & Greenhouse Supply offers everything you might need whether your growing a small garden or large commercial farm.  We also provide one free gallon of compost tea every Wednesday, donate to the local community programs such as the Willits Frontier Days SweetHearts, Concerts in The Park, Rusty Bowl, and many local youth athletic programs.

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